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Our own dental prosthesis laboratory

Within our humble clinic, we have our own dental prosthesis laboratory, carefully designed and equipped with the latest technologies and prosthodontic devices to guarantee an impeccable result and effectively meet the requirements of our dear patients.

Having our own laboratory is a real asset, in particular because of the considerable time saved during the prosthesis manufacturing process, thus sparing our patients endless demanding and counterproductive back and forths. All adjustments are made on site, under the direct supervision and control of Doctor DOUKANI.

Thus, the final result will be modeled directly according to your wishes and requirements and your prosthesis will be unique, corresponding to you wonderfully, and of which you will in fact be the co-creator.

Finally, for the most complex cases, and those requiring special attention, our firm works closely and exclusivelywith several renowned international laboratories in Germany , Brazil , Portugal and Dubai .

This unique and harmonious synergy between different perspectives, different visions and talents from all backgrounds is a source of great pride for our clinic and helps make our work flawless, in order to meet the needs and fulfill the dreams of our patients.