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Sterilization room in the dental office

Dental surgery involves a whole panoply of therapeutic and invasive surgical procedures which are ideal entry points for bacteria and germs which can cause local and general infections which can be sometimes very serious.

It is not possible to prevent the invasion by germs in the mouth because they are commensal and live naturally in our oral cavity. Thus, hygiene measures are focused on the fight against contamination by exogenous germs, and this through strict and regulated measures.

In our clinic, we take the safety of our patients and staff very seriously and we implement all necessary hygiene measures to effectively prevent contamination and infection.

This requires first and foremost careful cleaning several times a day as well as repeated disinfection of all surfaces and everyday objects. This is already helping to considerably reduce the risk of infection.

But that’s not all, the crucial step in any hygiene measure is the sterilization of surgical instruments, with high temperature steam and high pressure. To do this, our firm has equipped itself with an IMAX class B autoclave, a latest generation device with exceptional performance, straight from Italy.

It ensures optimal temperature and pressure control in accordance with international guidelines and protocols in order to effectively eradicate all forms of bacterial life while ensuring safety of use and exceptional ergonomics.