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Dentofacial Orthopedics (DFO) is the branch of dental surgery that deals with the correction of dental abnormalities related to malocclusions as well as dental overlaps and misalignments.

These occlusion disorders are not only aesthetically discomforting, but they can be complicated by phonatory and digestive problems and promote the formation of decays, since deformed teeth are difficult to access to tooth brushing.

Dental braces :

Among the treatment options, there are classic dental appliances that use braces on each tooth, connected by a metal wire that gradually tightens the teeth to align them.

Another type of appliance made from ceramic works with the same principle, but it is much less visible because it is made of materials of the same color as the teeth.

You will be able to discuss properly with Doctor DOUKANI and benefit from his experience and his advice on the method and most suited therapeutic plan that suits your clinical situation.

Transparent aligners :

If you find the treatment with this type of treatment unpleasant, repulsive or you are worried about wearing too visible braces, we offer a treatment with transparent dental aligners.