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Implantology brings together all the techniques and procedures aimed at reconstructing teeth. These are devices that permanently replace your missing or damaged teeth while ensuring their physiological and aesthetic functions.

The dental implant consists of two parts: a root which is implanted in the gum (the implant itself) and a superficial crown which acts as a visible tooth.

Dental implant parts :
The artificial root:

The root is an implant made of titanium or zirconium that is attached to the jawbone in a small surgical procedure under local anesthesia.

Its composition of biomaterials ensures its perfect integration and its ability to effectively replace the tooth and prevent the discomfort and complications associated with permanent tooth loss.

After placement of the implant, an osseointegration period must be observed, which is the time necessary for the adaptation and healing of the implant and its harmonious integration into the bone structures.

Second part of the dental implant :
The crown:

After the implant has been placed, it will act as a pillar to which the dental crown will be fixed. The latter is the true artificial tooth, visible on the surface, which matches perfectly with the rest of the teeth, keeping the same size, shape and shade of the tooth it replaces.

When designed properly, the dental implant integrates harmoniously with the rest of your teeth and has an unlimited lifespan.